Pictures from the Walk and Draw from Beacon Hill

Walk and Draw pictures

The Walk and Draws or Sit and Paint has started again, all socially distanced. Here are the next meetings:

16/06/2020 – 9.50am at Staunton Harold. Meet at the Nursery car park

23/06/2020 – 9.50am at Mount St Bernard Abbey. Meet in the car park

People will go off in small groups and sit to paint with a 2 meter distance.

Peter Hollis has sketched some brilliant Highland Cows that were relaxing in Beacon Hill from the last sit and paint session.


Tim Rose and Hero’s Day!

The Club had a great outing at Charnwood Community Hero’s day even though the music was deafening the weather was fine and we met quite a few interesting possible new members.

The best comment of the day was the organiser came up to us late in the day and said that there was a guy further down the market place who was sketching having seen us he started again after years of not doing anything.

That’s what the day is all about!

Our club demonstration evening was fronted by artist Tim Rose, his subject was Architecture in watercolour some of his work on show included highly detailed views from inside St Paul’s Cathedral.

We were all captivated by Tim’s paintings, here’s the finished results