Sit and Paint New sessions

We get out and about visiting interesting locations to sketch and paint along the way. Here are some recent pictures of one of our adventures!

The latest program for Sit and paint is here

May 2nd New Walk gallery – 30 Arts Council works titled “Night in the Museum”.

May 9th Burleigh Wood for the bluebells- street parking

May 10th Loughborough Market Place car parking Bee Hive or Granby Street car parks

May 23 Demo night- Sonia Bacchus Still life in the style of the old masters

May 30th Grace Dieu parking in Priory car park rear of Bulls Head

June 6th Swithland Woods – Roecliffe Rd Car Park

June 13th Shardlow – Pub car park Clock Warehouse Pub

June 20th Mount St Bernard’s Abbey car parking Abbey car park

June 27th Demo night – Phill Biggs(bridges) Watercolour landscapes

July 4th Nottingham University Summer exhibition Lakeside gallery

July 11th Wymeswold – Street parking Brook Street or The Stockwell for the green

July 18th Thornton Res parking reservoir car park

July 25th Demo night – Rob Waring Portrait in oil

Aug 1st Stoneywell National Trust, need to book in advance and pay entrance fee, parking on car park and coach provided to house by NT please let me know a week in advance so I can confirm parking etc.

Aug 8th Watermead Park Birstall Leicester street parking Front Street or Church Hill meet white horse pub

Aug 15th Beacon top car park (Beacon Road)

Aug 22nd Demo night – Critique night

Aug 29th New Lount Nature reserve Melbourne road Newbold Coleorton parking in car park

Sept 5th Rothley station Rail yard parking

Sept 12th Bradgate – Cropston Car Park Roecliffe Road

Sept 19th Zouch Rose and Crown car park

Sept 26th Demo night -Jenny Neale Botanical Watercolour


Charles Evans Returns!

On Tuesday night we enjoyed the welcome return of Charles Evans, a professional artist and demonstrator from the North East of England. Painting in his preferred medium, Windsor & Newton acrylics. We watched him create a woodland landscape and, after a short break, a beach scene from his beloved Northumbria.


Charles has the unique ability to paint, talk and entertain whilst simultaneously delivering advice and very useful tips on all manner of painting topics.


The two paintings showed us two vastly different representations of skies: The landscape with a pleasing sunlit summer sky; the beach scene with its dark foreboding storm cloud. Both were painted in a similar way to demonstrate how colour choice can make a huge difference to a painted scene.


Charles also showed us how a restricted palette of 8 or 9 colours can help maintain colour harmony and save cost, as any other colour can be mixed from those few colours.


He gave us many other pieces of advice during the demonstration including using wet and dry acrylic palettes and a tip on restricting blue within a painting. Stick to one blue he recommended using the same colour in both the sky and in the green mixes, again in order to maintain harmony within the work. For Charles this is invariably Cobalt Blue.


Altogether it was a very interesting demonstration by a master of his craft as well as being a very entertaining evening. Thank you Charles!

Sue Faulks Demonstration

The interesting demo by Sue Faulks on the 27/09/2016 it was very well received. I feel we all need to stretch our artistic endeavours, so we will be following Sue’s lead next Monday evening at Barrow’s Bishop Beveridge Club. I’ve very cheekily included three of my own works from last month to show we are not all fixated by one medium. My first ever Lino cut, first go at Pointillism and a sketch from the towers of La Rochelle while on holiday. I found, only by using them for it, that Winsor and Newton Watercolour markers were great for pointillism!

Barrow on Soar Street Market

What a lovely day we had in Barrow on Soar last Sunday. 

The weather was kind  and we managed to get a space with lots of steps, so perfect for displaying a few paintings. Peter brought his dog, Scrap, to help by modelling at the top of the steps, so many people came to see him as well as the paintings.

The market was very busy most of the day, people wandering about and enjoying the stalls, buying plants and cake from the WI.  We had loads of interest in the Club, especially the Beverage Club painting session which is on alternate Mondays 12.30-2.30pm.  People are always concerned as to whether they would be ‘good enough’ to join, we don’t mind how good you are, its great fun, you will improve, it doesn’t cost much and you will meet some lovely people as well, so please come and join us.

Peter handed out loads of leaflets whilst wandering around looking very ‘French’ in his stripy shirt, beret and red bandana, he even managed to sell a painting which was a bonus too!

It was a great way to promote the club and I am sure we have made some new friends, the next one will be the Heroes Day in Loughborough on August 2nd, if anyone would like to help out we would love to see you there.


Charles Evans demonstration

In March we had the pleasure of a visit from Charles Evans, a popular artist, demonstrator and TV personality.  He travels the country demonstrating and doing workshops using Windsor and Newton products, of which he says there are 150 colours in their range and he uses only 8!

Charles produced two watercolours, one before the break and one after, with a running commentary with many tips and wrinkles along the way.  The first scene could have been in the Northumbrian hills, taking a pencil he drew a simple scene with hills and valleys.  Then with a big brush and loads of water he wet the sky area, again with his large brush swept colours into it, he then squeezed out the brush and began to take out colour to form the clouds, moving it from one place to another, it was very effective.  Sky done.

Now on to the hills, building colours, mixing on the palette and dropping them into the picture and leaving a blank line right across the middle.  Filling in the foreground with the lighter colours, building them up as well – they all dry 50% lighter..  Finally the blank line in the middle, lots of different darker shades were sploshed into it, and then whilst still wet, Charles produced a piece of plastic, not unlike a credit card and began scraping across the tops of the dry stone wall and forming the bricks within it – amazing effect!

He then started darkening the foreground under the wall and to the front of the picture, telling us to mix a black never use a premixed one as it makes the picture flat, the final touch was scraping upwards with his finger nails to create grasses within the wall which was also an interesting and effective technique.

Charles second painting was at the seaside, again building the sky first, then the coastal hills and sea areas, again using his credit card to scrape out the rocks on the beach and the headland, a few darker spots to emphasise the grasses coming over the headland and the picture was almost done.  He then showed us how to place people in the picture, he said we must remember a letter ‘P’ and ‘Y’,  ‘P’ forming the body with a head on top, and ‘Y’ forming the legs.

It was a very entertaining evening, much banter and a lot of hints and tips along the way, most people seemed to enjoy it.  Charles donated the paintings to the club, thank you Charles looking forward to seeing you again.


Mayor of Loughborough presents Painting to Epinal

It has been a while since our winter exhibition ‘Charnwood Exposed’ at Charnwood museum in Loughborough. On his visit, the mayor of Loughborough took a shine to one of our paintings of Loughborough Market by Clive Kind. Our Mayor has since visited the President of Epinal and presented him with the painting as a gift.

We are very honored and pleased to be a part of this.

Mayor of Loughborough and the President of Epinal
The Mayor of Loughborough presenting Clive Kind’s painting of Loughborough Market to the President of Epinal.



Charnwood Exposed

‘Charnwood Exposed’ explores the diversity of the Charnwood area, particularly in terms of its culture, industry, history and people, and provides an insight into Charnwood life.

Art Exhibition

Charnwood Museum

29 Nov 2014 – 4 Jan 2015

Queen’s Park (opp library) Granby St, Loughborough

‘Charnwood Exposed’ explores the diversity of the Charnwood area, particularly in terms of its culture, industry, history and people, and provides an insight into Charnwood life.

Charnwood life – Rural activities, village scenes, town scenes, events (market, fair, holidays, etc.)

  • Historic and Iconic buildings, monuments etc. plenty of these around Loughborough and in and around the villages and towns beyond
  • Industry past and present, old work places, waterways, quarries, re-use of buildings change of use etc.
  • People & culture – Christmas, seasonal events, multicultural aspects, character portraits, old equipment, machinery garden plants, juxtaposition between old and new
  • Natural history: gardens, woodland, quarries, rivers/canal, Charnwood forest, local weather

The Mayor of Charnwood will open the exhibition. All are welcome to come along, the admission is free.

Tas Severis

Tas Severis Painting Demonstration

Woodbrook Vale High School Loughborough 23rd September 2014

Wow a demonstration to cheer us all up!  Bright and colourful acrylics using a variety of brands available, Tas had a table with at least 50 tubes on.   With palette knife and paint straight out of the tube Tas smeared it on a pre-coloured purple board and began composing a vase with bright red tulips.  Gradually after initially placing the flowers he built up the layers developing the background first, with little mixing apart from where colour went on top of colour.

Tas emphasised the need to have a composition in mind before starting and think about where colour marks were placed, it wasn’t random although it seemed like it with the array of colour used.

As the acrylic tends to dry fairly quickly it was necessary to establish the design quite speedily in the first half of the session, and Tas needed the paint to be more malleable.  Then as the painting developed more time was taken to place colour marks which brought out the flowers and stem details, highlighting with some very bright colours to complete a very lively picture.

Just as we thought about putting our sunglasses away for the summer, this bright little gem appeared before our eyes.

Tas Severis Tulip demonstration
Tas Severis Tulip demonstration
Tas Severis Tulip Painting
The finished painting