End of Year and AGM News

2019 AGM 3rd Dec 2019:

Our AGM at the Soar Bridge Inn, Barrow, was a great success. It attracted over 30 to a convivial meal and was followed by a traditional game of skittles!

Warm thanks were given to David Chaplin, our outgoing Chair on completing  three years of service by our new Chair Paul Lockton. Paul promised an exciting programme for 2020 and welcomed Hitesh Boghani  to serve on the Committee. Minutes of the meeting follow.

2020 Programme of Demonstrations:

Our programme begins with a new artist with a different take on wildlife, Angela Gaughan, on 28th January.

We then welcome back Charles Evans and Phil Biggs in February and March respectively with more tasty presentation to follow. All demonstration are to be held at our usual venue, Woodbrook School, Grassmere Road, Loughborough, on Tuesdays between 7 and 9pm.

Painting Groups:

Dates are just released for our regular Monday night sessions at Gorse Covert Community Centre, Close to Morrisons, Loughborough. These are all 7-9pm:

20th January 

3rd February 

17th February 

2nd March 2020

16th March 2020

6 April 2020

20 April 2020

4th May 2020

18th May 2020

1st June 2020

15th June 2020

6th July 2020

Prizes and portraiture evening


At a demonstration of portrait painting hosted at Woodbrook Academy School, Loughborough held on 25th June, Charnwood Drawing & Painting Club presented prizes to various members and invited guests who took part in the Club’s annual exhibition at Woodhouse Eaves.

The main prize went to Allan Brown for his best in show picture of ‘Magpie Cottage’. Allan had this to say about winning the Allan Dorrell trophy: “Winning this trophy was totally unexpected. I am delighted that so many people voted for me”.

Alan Dorrell Award

Two others won paintings by notable local artists were presented on the evening, namely to Pam Stewart and to David Lindley, pictured below.

A lucky visitor Helen Tomlinson, was also presented with a wonderful portrait painted by South African born Artist, Rob Wareing, to thank her for her modelling services on the evening!

The Club’s next demonstration will be held on 23rd July and their next exhibition will be in Loughborough Library in September. Further details about the club’s art programme can be found at www.charnwooddrawingpainting.com.

Club news Monday night portrait and other events

Monday nights just go from strength to strength

Here’s a selection of the sketches from our last Monday night art session where Paul did an excellent job of modelling for us.


After April 1st we move to a brilliant venue at the Studio in the Gorse Covert Community Centre adjacent to Morrisons in Loughborough. Down-loadable leaflet available soon!

We are back at Nanpantan from September onwards!

Other club news

Come and find us at these next events!

1.Barrow Open Gardens event 23rd March:

We will have a stall at this event, there are lots of other stalls, this is an open garden event for all the family.

2.Woodhouse Eaves Good Neighbours Event 24th March-

* The Community Fair will be open to the public from 2pm to 4.30pm.

* Refreshments will be on sale from 2pm – 4pm.



Sonia Bacchus still life in the style of old masters

Sonia Bacchus – Still life in the style of old masters

It was great to welcome Sonia back to demonstrate her take on painting a still life, using acrylic and oils.

still life scene

Starting with placing four objects carefully, not too close together and giving a sense of space, then considering the lighting and placing her lamp to maximum shadow effect.

Sonia Baccus still life sketch

The room we were in was well lit and it was hard not to be deceived by the additional light, Sonia said that if she were with her students the lights would be off altogether and only the still life lit. We will have to remember that for next time she comes she is the first artist that doesn’t mind the lights being off!

Sonia starts with a sketch of her composition, ideally a colour sketch. She worked on cardboard as it is easy to cut to size, and her choice of backgrounds are green for portraits and terracotta for other paintings.

Beginning with acrylics painted thinly she sketched out the composition outlines then applied a wash of violet, green and brown mixed with yellow ocre with a 2.5” decorators brush for the background. Using varying brush strokes for impact and interest.

Then using thin layers of acrylic finding the lights, darks and mid-tone of the under painting getting the basic colours in place.

Sonia Baccus still life demonstration

The second half of the demonstration moved to oils, with her preference for Reeves, Windsor & Newton, Rowney oils. Using painting medium to thin the paint Sonia began building up the layers to create impact.

Sonia chatted her way through the demonstration giving lots of information about how the “Old Masters” were painted, and lots of tips on how we can have a go too. Then demonstrated how colours can react to each other when placed together, often giving a different hue than imagined. It was a great demonstration, appreciated by all thank you Sonia!

The following week we turned up at the new Nanpantan Art group session, set up a still life and Barry said he was going to have a go at painting the way Sonia demonstrated the week before, starting with Acrylics then moving on to oils, to make it more of a challenge he did a double act with Neil both working on the same picture.


A couple of us joined in, with the Acrylics, it was a very good exercise, we all enjoyed it, and of course Barry and Neil’s painting was awesome even though still a work in progress.


If you would like to come and join us at Nanpantan Art Group, whatever your standard we would love to meet you.

Nanpantan Painting Group

Here’s a couple of pictures from our Nanpantan Painting Group.

It’s an informal painting session where you can join in with the still life or you can bring along your own pieces to work on. Each week is different and it’s also a great social occasion and a chance to share tips and opinions on each others art work.

We are still looking for more people to come and join us, if you do want to come along here are the details, it will be great to see you!

Nanpantan Painting Group, Sports ground Bowls Club, Nanpantan, Loughborough 1st and 3rd Monday of every month 7pm-9pm. £3 for members.

News update

A new display of paintings unveiled at Loughborough General Hospital has been a great success with visitors and patients. Proceeds from the sale of artworks, all painted by local artists, has also given a boost to the charity Friends of Loughborough General Hospital in a cheque presentation attended by the local MP Nicky Morgan.

Charnwood Drawing and Painting Club has for many years supported the Charity by providing artworks to brighten the Hospital’s corridors, which the new display will continue. Chair of Friends of Loughborough hospital, Maureen Block, said they were delighted with popularity of the paintings and the boost given to hospital funds.

The Club holds regular demonstrations by nationally acclaimed artists. The next one will be held on Tuesday 25th September from 7 to 9pm when accomplished watercolourist David Wilcox will be ‘at the races’ at Woodbrook Vale School, Grasmere Road, Loughborough, LE11 2ST to capture the drama and excitement of horse racing. Further details of the event can be found at www.charnwooddrawingpaintingclub.com. A small entry fee applies but refreshments and free parking are provided. Non-members are warmly invited. Phone enquiries to David Chaplin on Tel 01509 230366

Exhibition coming up at Loughborough Library!

We have news for our next exhibition:

Mon 3rd Sept to Fri 14th Sept 2018

The exhibition will be at Loughborough Library

A message from the Chairman:

These dates are fine and exhibiting over two weeks will allow many more people to see our work, and perhaps we can arouse interest and get a few new club members as well.

We will decide which of our pictures to exhibit over the next couple of months and and talk with you in the summer to finalise the details. David.

Welcome back Time Rose!

On 28th March we once again took pleasure in welcoming back Tim Rose who recreated a truly wonderful street scene from San Francisco in two stunning hours using watercolours.

Tim has the unique ability to bring a scene to life with some deft brush strokes whilst at the same time talking through his subject in a most engaging style whilst giving some most helpful tips on making the best use of light and dark.

Tim also showed us how to effectively use Saunders rough high white paper which he was trying out for the first time on the night! His demonstration involved minimal drawing with paint (manganese blue) applied straight to paper without a lot of water.

He used a fairly restricted palette of colours too working quickly to capture the essence of the subject but not slavishly copying it! His tips were many and included looking at where the light was coming from and the contrasts light created. He used Soft blue for the San Francisco sky and Naples Yellow to great effect.

“Paint with the lights and draw with the darks” he said.

Altogether it was yet again an inspiring and most interesting demonstration by a craftsman who knows his subject both inside and out and so well done Tim for a truly great evening!

Crit Night!

This year our critique club night at Woodbrook Vale was hosted by Peter, with his usual wit and banter, we talked our way through over 40 paintings.  The diversity of style and medium certainly made an interesting evening, with delightful seascapes, lush landscapes, cheeky children, hideaways, dancers, gardens, a caterpillar, even a budding abstract.

Each painting was mulled over, issues talked about, if the artist had a problem, how could it be resolved? Was the framing right? Was the sea too blue? All these questions and many more were asked and answered.

The Sit and Painters brought in many examples of work done over the summer, all the paintings were done in 2 hours, out and about around Charnwood.  Working outside is a great way to improve your skills so if you are able to come and join us on a Tuesday morning, you will really enjoy it.

And what a great surprise when Pauline Allett owned up to having won the Patching’s Award for her painting of ‘Acers in Pots’ which she brought in to show us, congratulations Pauline its a lovely painting.

Pauline Allett 'Acers in Pots'
Pauline Allet Patchings Winner ‘Acers In Pots’

The evening was a great success, ending with a lovely little abstract, which was done as an experiment, the artist was encouraged to keep going and do more.

So next year all those who didn’t manage to make it  and missed out so much, make a date for your diary next August, it will be well worth it.  In the meantime keep painting we have an exhibition coming up in October at Loughborough Art Café.