News update

A new display of paintings unveiled at Loughborough General Hospital has been a great success with visitors and patients. Proceeds from the sale of artworks, all painted by local artists, has also given a boost to the charity Friends of Loughborough General Hospital in a cheque presentation attended by the local MP Nicky Morgan.

Charnwood Drawing and Painting Club has for many years supported the Charity by providing artworks to brighten the Hospital’s corridors, which the new display will continue. Chair of Friends of Loughborough hospital, Maureen Block, said they were delighted with popularity of the paintings and the boost given to hospital funds.

The Club holds regular demonstrations by nationally acclaimed artists. The next one will be held on Tuesday 25th September from 7 to 9pm when accomplished watercolourist David Wilcox will be ‘at the races’ at Woodbrook Vale School, Grasmere Road, Loughborough, LE11 2ST to capture the drama and excitement of horse racing. Further details of the event can be found at A small entry fee applies but refreshments and free parking are provided. Non-members are warmly invited. Phone enquiries to David Chaplin on Tel 01509 230366

Exhibition coming up at Loughborough Library!

We have news for our next exhibition:

Mon 3rd Sept to Fri 14th Sept 2018

The exhibition will be at Loughborough Library

A message from the Chairman:

These dates are fine and exhibiting over two weeks will allow many more people to see our work, and perhaps we can arouse interest and get a few new club members as well.

We will decide which of our pictures to exhibit over the next couple of months and and talk with you in the summer to finalise the details. David.

Welcome back Time Rose!

On 28th March we once again took pleasure in welcoming back Tim Rose who recreated a truly wonderful street scene from San Francisco in two stunning hours using watercolours.

Tim has the unique ability to bring a scene to life with some deft brush strokes whilst at the same time talking through his subject in a most engaging style whilst giving some most helpful tips on making the best use of light and dark.

Tim also showed us how to effectively use Saunders rough high white paper which he was trying out for the first time on the night! His demonstration involved minimal drawing with paint (manganese blue) applied straight to paper without a lot of water.

He used a fairly restricted palette of colours too working quickly to capture the essence of the subject but not slavishly copying it! His tips were many and included looking at where the light was coming from and the contrasts light created. He used Soft blue for the San Francisco sky and Naples Yellow to great effect.

“Paint with the lights and draw with the darks” he said.

Altogether it was yet again an inspiring and most interesting demonstration by a craftsman who knows his subject both inside and out and so well done Tim for a truly great evening!

Crit Night!

This year our critique club night at Woodbrook Vale was hosted by Peter, with his usual wit and banter, we talked our way through over 40 paintings.  The diversity of style and medium certainly made an interesting evening, with delightful seascapes, lush landscapes, cheeky children, hideaways, dancers, gardens, a caterpillar, even a budding abstract.

Each painting was mulled over, issues talked about, if the artist had a problem, how could it be resolved? Was the framing right? Was the sea too blue? All these questions and many more were asked and answered.

The Sit and Painters brought in many examples of work done over the summer, all the paintings were done in 2 hours, out and about around Charnwood.  Working outside is a great way to improve your skills so if you are able to come and join us on a Tuesday morning, you will really enjoy it.

And what a great surprise when Pauline Allett owned up to having won the Patching’s Award for her painting of ‘Acers in Pots’ which she brought in to show us, congratulations Pauline its a lovely painting.

Pauline Allett 'Acers in Pots'
Pauline Allet Patchings Winner ‘Acers In Pots’

The evening was a great success, ending with a lovely little abstract, which was done as an experiment, the artist was encouraged to keep going and do more.

So next year all those who didn’t manage to make it  and missed out so much, make a date for your diary next August, it will be well worth it.  In the meantime keep painting we have an exhibition coming up in October at Loughborough Art Café.

Tim Rose and Hero’s Day!

The Club had a great outing at Charnwood Community Hero’s day even though the music was deafening the weather was fine and we met quite a few interesting possible new members.

The best comment of the day was the organiser came up to us late in the day and said that there was a guy further down the market place who was sketching having seen us he started again after years of not doing anything.

That’s what the day is all about!

Our club demonstration evening was fronted by artist Tim Rose, his subject was Architecture in watercolour some of his work on show included highly detailed views from inside St Paul’s Cathedral.

We were all captivated by Tim’s paintings, here’s the finished results

Barrow on Soar Street Market

What a lovely day we had in Barrow on Soar last Sunday. 

The weather was kind  and we managed to get a space with lots of steps, so perfect for displaying a few paintings. Peter brought his dog, Scrap, to help by modelling at the top of the steps, so many people came to see him as well as the paintings.

The market was very busy most of the day, people wandering about and enjoying the stalls, buying plants and cake from the WI.  We had loads of interest in the Club, especially the Beverage Club painting session which is on alternate Mondays 12.30-2.30pm.  People are always concerned as to whether they would be ‘good enough’ to join, we don’t mind how good you are, its great fun, you will improve, it doesn’t cost much and you will meet some lovely people as well, so please come and join us.

Peter handed out loads of leaflets whilst wandering around looking very ‘French’ in his stripy shirt, beret and red bandana, he even managed to sell a painting which was a bonus too!

It was a great way to promote the club and I am sure we have made some new friends, the next one will be the Heroes Day in Loughborough on August 2nd, if anyone would like to help out we would love to see you there.


Summer Exhibition Woodhouse Eaves

Woodhouse Eaves Exhibition

Well the sun shone for us on the 6-7th June the weekend of the Open Gardens in Woodhouse Eaves. Unfortunately the new building at the back of the Village Hall was not quite completed so we were unable to use it this year. It is a lovely room with lots of light so it might prove a nice alternative to the usual annex next year.

As all the boards and pictures turned up two hours before we were able to assemble the exhibition, there was a lot of standing around until 6.15pm when we were allowed into the annex. Then it was all hands on deck to erect the boards and get the paintings on. We finally finished just after 8pm, so for me it was home and a bag of chips on the way. Thank you to all those who helped to set up, we couldn’t have managed without you.

Saturday started off slowly but we had a steady stream of people throughout the day and the very welcome tea and cake was very popular. On Sunday morning the ramblers asked if they could come after their walk and could we accommodate them – of course we could! I thought we were going to run out of cake when Sue turned up with 3 tins of delicious carrot cake, it went down a treat. At the end of the day we had virtually sold out. So thank you to all who provided absolutely yummy cakes and those who also helped serve the teas it got a bit hectic at times but they managed brilliantly.

The good standard of art was commented upon many times, it made for a varied and interesting show, something for everyone. We had 102 framed paintings and 41 unframed we were delighted with the fantastic turn out we even struggled a bit to get them all up but we did manage it in the end. We sold 11 paintings in all and the best painting in the club was ‘Daisy and Pals’, a watercolour won by Jan Brooks. Congratulations it was delightful!

There was a lot of interest about the club and we gave out loads of information and membership forms so hopefully some of those people will come back and join us, we are always on the lookout for new members they are always welcome whatever their ability.

The raffle of Ian Riseley’s Owl pastel for Rainbows was well received and the final draw was won by Ms Bolton from Nottingham.

Overall it was a great weekend thank you to everyone who helped set up, steward, bake cakes, and take down we are very grateful for all the help which made this exhibition such a success. We made about £300 for club funds, which is the highest we have ever made, this included a very generous donation from the sale of a painting by Bruce Clark, so thank you for that too.

Looking forward to the next Exhibition which we hope will be in Loughborough in October.

Joy Lockton

Mayor of Loughborough presents Painting to Epinal

It has been a while since our winter exhibition ‘Charnwood Exposed’ at Charnwood museum in Loughborough. On his visit, the mayor of Loughborough took a shine to one of our paintings of Loughborough Market by Clive Kind. Our Mayor has since visited the President of Epinal and presented him with the painting as a gift.

We are very honored and pleased to be a part of this.

Mayor of Loughborough and the President of Epinal
The Mayor of Loughborough presenting Clive Kind’s painting of Loughborough Market to the President of Epinal.



A sad passing of a member

We were very sad to hear of the sudden passing of Dorothy Whetnall, one of our founding members of the club.  Dorothy was secretary to the club for many years and edited the first Spectrum and many since then.  She was always encouraging and helpful laying the foundation which has enabled our club to thrive today.


Her funeral is on Wednesday 4th March, at 2.45pm at Loughborough Crematorium. No black and no flowers.

Charnwood Exposed Art Exhibition

Saturday the 29th November was our very successful opening day of our new art exhibition at Charnwood Museum in Loughborough.

The Mayor of Charnwood was invited to attend the exhibition, which consisted of over 50 original paintings and artworks.

The theme Charnwood Exposed was set out to encapsulate what is made up of the borough’s rich landscape, industry and people. The pictures on display show a variety of styles and mediums from pastel portraits, watercolour landscapes, acrylic, and oil paintings.

Message from our Chairman Peter:

Your display of works look great, you all need a pat on the back for all the effort involved. As far as I could see it was all new work. This is the great advantage of working to a title, but it does means we have to work that little bit harder.Thanks all those who contributed and those who attended the opening. I must admit that at 12:30 I was feeling like I’d have to show the mayor around on my own, then all of a sudden a crowd appeared!!

Mayor of Charnwood meeting Joy Lockton
The Mayor of Charnwood meeting one of our member’s and organiser Joy Lockton

The pictures are on display in Loughborough’s Museum until January 2015.  Entry is Free.