Summer Art Exhibition 2018

Creative arts will be on display to the public at two exhibitions organised by members of Charnwood Drawing and Painting Club.

The first exhibition is scheduled to be opened on Saturday 2nd June by the new Mayor of Charnwood, Councillor Jane Harrison. At the opening the Club will also announce the launch of the Alan Dorrell Award for Artistic Merit.

Alan Dorrell, who passed away in 2017, was a founder member of the club which started over twenty years ago in order to encourage budding local artists to develop their skills. The club now has over 75 members who range from beginners to accomplished painters. David Chaplin, Club Chair said –

We are thrilled to be launching this prestigious new Award at the Woodhouse Eaves exhibition this year as a tribute to Alan who gave so many years of loyal service to this club by encouraging and supporting young artists to achieve their full potential”.

The Exhibition will feature an eclectic mix of quality exhibits including paintings, sketches, ceramics, most of which are originals and which will be available for sale at very reasonable prices. One item however definitely not for sale will be a classic Charles Evans seascape that the Club will raffle off during the exhibition with proceeds donated to the Rainbows Appeal.

This month the Club, in conjunction with the General Hospital League of Friends are also proud to announce the inauguration of the newly extended Hospital Painting Exhibition which this year has been augmented with new works of art which are all available for sale.

Those wishing to visit these free exhibitions can do so at Woodhouse Eaves from 10am Saturday 2nd June through to 4pm Sunday 3rd June, and at Loughborough General Hospital at anytime. No admission charges apply to these events.

Exhibition coming up at Loughborough Library!

We have news for our next exhibition:

Mon 3rd Sept to Fri 14th Sept 2018

The exhibition will be at Loughborough Library

A message from the Chairman:

These dates are fine and exhibiting over two weeks will allow many more people to see our work, and perhaps we can arouse interest and get a few new club members as well.

We will decide which of our pictures to exhibit over the next couple of months and and talk with you in the summer to finalise the details. David.

Summer Exhibition Woodhouse Eaves

Woodhouse Eaves Exhibition

Well the sun shone for us on the 6-7th June the weekend of the Open Gardens in Woodhouse Eaves. Unfortunately the new building at the back of the Village Hall was not quite completed so we were unable to use it this year. It is a lovely room with lots of light so it might prove a nice alternative to the usual annex next year.

As all the boards and pictures turned up two hours before we were able to assemble the exhibition, there was a lot of standing around until 6.15pm when we were allowed into the annex. Then it was all hands on deck to erect the boards and get the paintings on. We finally finished just after 8pm, so for me it was home and a bag of chips on the way. Thank you to all those who helped to set up, we couldn’t have managed without you.

Saturday started off slowly but we had a steady stream of people throughout the day and the very welcome tea and cake was very popular. On Sunday morning the ramblers asked if they could come after their walk and could we accommodate them – of course we could! I thought we were going to run out of cake when Sue turned up with 3 tins of delicious carrot cake, it went down a treat. At the end of the day we had virtually sold out. So thank you to all who provided absolutely yummy cakes and those who also helped serve the teas it got a bit hectic at times but they managed brilliantly.

The good standard of art was commented upon many times, it made for a varied and interesting show, something for everyone. We had 102 framed paintings and 41 unframed we were delighted with the fantastic turn out we even struggled a bit to get them all up but we did manage it in the end. We sold 11 paintings in all and the best painting in the club was ‘Daisy and Pals’, a watercolour won by Jan Brooks. Congratulations it was delightful!

There was a lot of interest about the club and we gave out loads of information and membership forms so hopefully some of those people will come back and join us, we are always on the lookout for new members they are always welcome whatever their ability.

The raffle of Ian Riseley’s Owl pastel for Rainbows was well received and the final draw was won by Ms Bolton from Nottingham.

Overall it was a great weekend thank you to everyone who helped set up, steward, bake cakes, and take down we are very grateful for all the help which made this exhibition such a success. We made about £300 for club funds, which is the highest we have ever made, this included a very generous donation from the sale of a painting by Bruce Clark, so thank you for that too.

Looking forward to the next Exhibition which we hope will be in Loughborough in October.

Joy Lockton

Charnwood Exposed Art Exhibition

Saturday the 29th November was our very successful opening day of our new art exhibition at Charnwood Museum in Loughborough.

The Mayor of Charnwood was invited to attend the exhibition, which consisted of over 50 original paintings and artworks.

The theme Charnwood Exposed was set out to encapsulate what is made up of the borough’s rich landscape, industry and people. The pictures on display show a variety of styles and mediums from pastel portraits, watercolour landscapes, acrylic, and oil paintings.

Message from our Chairman Peter:

Your display of works look great, you all need a pat on the back for all the effort involved. As far as I could see it was all new work. This is the great advantage of working to a title, but it does means we have to work that little bit harder.Thanks all those who contributed and those who attended the opening. I must admit that at 12:30 I was feeling like I’d have to show the mayor around on my own, then all of a sudden a crowd appeared!!

Mayor of Charnwood meeting Joy Lockton
The Mayor of Charnwood meeting one of our member’s and organiser Joy Lockton

The pictures are on display in Loughborough’s Museum until January 2015.  Entry is Free.

Charnwood Exposed

Art Exhibition

Charnwood Museum

29 Nov 2014 – 4 Jan 2015

Queen’s Park (opp library) Granby St, Loughborough

‘Charnwood Exposed’ explores the diversity of the Charnwood area, particularly in terms of its culture, industry, history and people, and provides an insight into Charnwood life.

Charnwood life – Rural activities, village scenes, town scenes, events (market, fair, holidays, etc.)

  • Historic and Iconic buildings, monuments etc. plenty of these around Loughborough and in and around the villages and towns beyond
  • Industry past and present, old work places, waterways, quarries, re-use of buildings change of use etc.
  • People & culture – Christmas, seasonal events, multicultural aspects, character portraits, old equipment, machinery garden plants, juxtaposition between old and new
  • Natural history: gardens, woodland, quarries, rivers/canal, Charnwood forest, local weather

The Mayor of Charnwood will open the exhibition. All are welcome to come along, the admission is free.

Link to our events page for more information

Woodhouse Eaves Summer Art Exhibition

Our summer art exhibition is on this weekend (June 7-8th) at Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall Annex.

Do come along to view a wide range of paintings and drawings from our members. It’s one of our favourites! We shall be updating with pics over the course of the weekend. Refreshments and a cake stall will be available.

This also runs along side the villages open gardens weekend, so do come along for the day.


Car park
Disabled Access

We hope to see you there!

Here’s where to find the exhibition:

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